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apostle joshua selman contact details

I Love God, I love you. Blind Iraqi Refugee Memorizes 87 Chapters Of The Bible. The information is really awesome. The goal is not to cram Scriptures, but to be an expression of God.12) Something you do not know is responsible for your limitation13) The level of your walk with God reflects in your love for people, There is no direct phone number to Apostle Joshua Selman anywhere but you can contact the Koinonia Public Relations Team via the following numbers:1) +23481472144442) +2347087777765. Since then, Gods presence has been with him. Glory Cloud app I need the Apostle contact wants to join the ministry. His inspired message led me to make a search of him. Have You Ever Been Blessed by Apostle Joshua Selmans Teachings? Koinonia services will still be held in Zaria, Kaduna state, and the time still remains 6PM (GMT+1) every Friday. WE NEED YOU IN LAGOS. You have entered an incorrect email address! You can contact the ministry via any of the lines: +2349150227448+2349077777853+2348147214444+2349077777853+2347087777765+2348100289892. I feel the presence of the almighty and the power of the supernatural when ever im under the spoken word of God through the mouth of this Man of God. 1,567 posts. Apostle Joshua Selman was born in Jos, Plateau State, Nigeria, but grew up and had his education in Zaria, Kaduna State. His church is made up of many congregants and as days unfold, more people are adding to this congregation. Koinonia Abuja is a branch of Eternity Network International (also known as Koinonia Global) located in Abuja, Nigeria. My heart is heavy with so much regrets. Many people seek to meet him for different reasons. Mary Magdalene Revealed: The First Apostle, Her Feminist Gospel the Christianity We Haven t. CandaceCoffer. He has blessed my life deeply.God bless him! With that said as of 2020 Apostle Joshua Selman net worth is estimated to be $450,000 per annum which is equivalent to N173,250,000 presently with the exchange rate of N385 to a dollar. This can only reveal Gods mighty power in his life. Church Gist scooped that the Apostle is set to marry Lady Sandra Areh who coincidentally celebrates her birthday on Monday, December 9. Life changing is your messages but brethren am in need of your prayers cos the more I ant to serve God in whole truth a spirit always me and make sin. God bless Apostle Selman in Jesus name Amen! They embraced every occasion in which they were privileged to share the Love of Jesus Christ. I live here in the United States. Thanks. Also, what's the name of the My Name is July Bernard from Zimbabwe. may God continue to bless you sir. I Am A Nigerian Televangelist And A Teacher Of The Word Of God. My name is Prophetess Carolyn H. Willis. God bless u sir more grace, anointing, wisdom and uncommon security to you and your entire generation. His net worth is estimated at $500,000. May 28,2022 44:14. Apostle Joshua selman is indeed a blessing to our generation; Ive listened to several of his messages and my life has never remained the same financially, spiritually and morally. Make sure you visit this page regularly so you don't miss out on any of Apostle's upcoming events for the year. May God bless you sir HOW TO DOWNLOAD APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN MESSAGES, Apostle Arome Osayi Songs, Chants Tongues of Fire. You are my spiritual Daddy While others are coming for miracles, others are coming for blessings and testimonies. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. Flex Lewis Announces Retirement From Bodybuilding steroids australia review aakg bodybuilding gr what happens if you take two extenze pills a day best natural male enhancement 5g male betterhomeThat said, if you want to download all Apostle Joshua Selman Messages from 2011 till the most recent one in 2023. Thank you daddy more grace to you. May God continue to bless you and lift you to a higher dimension in His glory as you continue to be a blessing and a light to God children through His grace. He is founder/leader of Eternity Network International (ENI) and convener of Koinonia - a weekly programme where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him. Relax on your wheel chair because well provide you with all that you need to know about this man of God. Youve come to the right place! He travels across Nigeria preaching the Holy Gospel from one town to another. Thanks Naijasermons for sharing. Make sure you visit this page regularly so you dont miss out on any of Apostles upcoming events for the year. Pls. DOWNLOAD. Finance Department: call 08147214444 and ask to be . Apostle Joshua Selman does not have a social media presence outside of his ministry, KOINONIA GLOBAL. Im also in need of mentoring and would consider relocating to your country in order to be a part of your ministry connecting with Apostle Selman. He Stormed Asaba That Same Year At Our G.O.G Conference. Apostle Joshua Nimmak Selman. He did not start his ministry with the number of followers he has today. Thanks. He has a relationship with God that has touched me and made me desire more. Some of his books include: A call to deeper realms Altars and Foundations A discussion on Kingdom truths A night of prevailing prayers The book of remembrance Activating breakthrough (the ministry of destiny helpers). Above the storms Accessing the deep things of God Activating breakthroughs Admonitions, Some of the quotes by Apostles joshua selman which also can be used as life points include:1) The price for all of God is all of you.2) The birth of anything valuable is painful, that includes your destiny.3) No matter the level of your anointing, respect age.4) A spiritual man is one who places utmost value on Gods word5) Your pain is a track record6) It is risky to not know how to respond to life-threatening challenges.7) If trees can hear, your unborn child can hear you.8) Dominion is a joke to anyone who trivializes prayer.9) God will always look like He will not show up until He shows up.10) A track record is what validates you for qualification11) Bible study without the Holy Spirit will turn you into a religious person. Apostle Selman is the host of KOINONIA,a weekly programme organised by the Eternity Network International (ENI) where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him. My life has changed He has an established ministry one of the influential and wealthy pastors in Nigeria. Lagos (Mainland) - 12B Acme road, off Agidingbi, Ikeja, Lagos. APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN AGE How old is Apostle Joshua Selman? Organised by PFN 20th Oct. 2018. a powerful man God has raised for his generation ..rising others toooo wont forget GO INTO COSMOS keep moving. God bless him and keep him focus on his vision in Jesus Christ names. Thanks for reading this Apostle Joshua Selman Biography. tanks KONONIA. Yes. May God grant you more in life Blessings, knowledge and wisdom. My life has been greatly blessed through the ministry of A.J.S.,the lord will cause you to increase on all sides.. Apostle is just a sent of God into this generation. Please beware of scammers and dont be deceived! I was like who is this man that is speaking the truth with so much authority, then I began to search for more of his messages, I must confess, all of his messages that I have listened to have blessed my spiritual life. This was his first encounter with Christ. How do I contact Koinonia? Please help uswe need revival in America | When is Apostle Joshua Selman getting married? I first stumbled on his message through my sisterencountering Gods Mercy Since then I cant comprehend the way I have come to love this man. I need prayers and deliverance,I see, rejection,men have run away I dont have help,they are after killing me, am homeless, jobless,no church I can enter and they see me as a sister in Christ,am lone with a great poverty,much to say,I see strenge things in my life which are not normal for aman to see, like seeing in eye on the wall,etc,I want to talk to pastor,I cant come there if he can just talk to me on line I dont have money for coming there but if I get ajob I will. I retired from my federal government job (an intelligence agency) on October 31, 2018. THIS MADE IS UP OF APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN MESSAGES, APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN SERMONS, BOTH VIDEO, AND AUDIO MESSAGES. The message on her social media page reads thus:we all in Zaria, Nigeria and indeed the global Koinonia family cant wait for the bigger celebration of the Apostolic union next year! That encounter brought a level of anointing and understanding into his life as he began to have extraordinary insight into the Word like never before. I want to know about School of ministry organized by apostle, can anyone help me with information. In other words, before he was born on the 25th of June 1980, he had received a primordial anointing to serve God. All my life I have searched for the one whos words can reach my spirit and the almighty made me contact the man of God through the recharge conference 2019 at the Good Land. the Lord Bless you sir. He taught on the same level as Apostle Joshua Selman. Intro How to contact Apostle Joshua Selman directly? I introduced his messages to my siblings, my fiancee and some of my friends, What more can i say concerning this GREAT REVIVALIST, EVANGELIST, APOSTLE AND PROPHET of eternal life, No man can appreciate or love and reward you enough if not God Almighty who has called you I know he has something for my world. The man of God has so much blessed my life even from a distance. Being a man of the people, it is not strange to hear people asking for his contact details. Therefore, he was opened up to the motivation that he needed as he really loved God. Apostle Joshua Selman Contact Details . Can someone send me papa message on wattap Comment: First Came In Contact With His Message When A Friend Invited Me To Ingathering And Youth Foundation, He Sent Me So Many Of His Messages Like: The Mystry Of Babylon, The Speaking Blood, The Man God Uses, The Power Of Deliverance And So Many Of Them. That said, the man of God, through the help of the Holy Spirit has also mentored powerful ministers of God, including Pastor Jerry Eze, and many others. Media Department: +2348075770001 and 08100289892 . The demand for a Glorious Future Part 1 by Apostle Joshua Selman. Follow. Will be glad to have a worship service in his Ministry . Manage Settings I have been following him since June 2021 I have learned so much about developing a deeper relationship with God I have experience deliverance and wise deposit from His He us my Mentor I trust his words as the words from God I am now operating in my calling with no fear! Since 2017 your pray for me at Destiny Summit Idah kogi state. I am Joshua Nimmak Selman. Chida Event Center, Plot 224 Solomon Lar Way, Utoko District Abuja that is where Koinonia Abuja Is LOCATED, Koinonia Abuja services hold every Sunday by 5.00PM (GMT+1). Thats why you should always refer to the official websites of me of God. Kingdom wealth are resources that facilitate Kingdom advancement. 4shared app Some of the songs by apostle joshua selman include the following;1) Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord.2) Ebenezer.3) Have your way.4) He leads me and guides me.5) Here I am.6) Stirring the water7) I see the glory of the Lord.8) Im under the shadow.9) You have taken all the shame10) Let the fire fall from your altar to touch my body.11) Nothing in this world could satisfy.12) Your goodness is real.13) Sujanah14) You who reign and rule over all. Thank you so much sir/ma. These seem to be incorrect numbers or Im dialing incorrectly. MY FATHER MY FATHER, THE CHARIOTS OF ISRAEL 3. But for now, we realize that he is deeply concerned with executing the mandate which God entrusted to him. As of the time of writing, we cannot talk of Selmans children because he is not married. It has increased my love into teaching the word of God. Am really blessed by the man of God sermon my brother shared with me on wassup, Hello Bawa, you can download 4 shared app and search for his messages. Demonstrating the power of the Holy spirit through signs, wonders and miracles to confirm that Jesus is alive. APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN PHONE NUMBER Although there is no direct phone number for Apostle Joshua Selman, the Koinonia Public Relations Team can be reached at the following numbers: 1) +2348147214444 2) +2347087777765 CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN MESSAGES Add A Comment How can i get an invite.i want to come to koinonia.I am an online follower? I cant sleep, All l want is to meet with him. Some of our partners may process your data as a part of their legitimate business interest without asking for consent. During his university days, the love of God in him quadrupled and the desire to consecrate his life for Gods service became more intense. +2348147214444. DOWNLOAD The Exceeding Great And Precious Promises by Apostle Joshua Selman 2023, Using the keys. I listen to Apostle on a daily basis and Im blessed. So, would you like to learn more about the Koinonia Abuja? APOSTLE JOSHUA SELMAN LIVE BROADCAST. 2. Is only God that knows what the volumme of teachings coming from Koinonia doing to my life. An example of data being processed may be a unique identifier stored in a cookie. Also, there are a lot of persons on the internet who claim to be Apostle Joshua Selman; Id suggest you to be cautious and not listen to any of them. Hello I am a U.S. Citizen residing in Sacramento, California, also a military veteran. He uses the name of Jesus Christ to open new doors and demonstrate the higher dimensions of God to men. Youre indeed an unlimited blessing to me,my family and generations. The Almighty will preserve and protect you in all you do in Jesus Name. Apostle Joshua Selman Whatsapp Number: We previously mentioned that he moves across Nigeria preaching and demonstrating the power of God. In the vision, it became like he had the key to their solutions and they affirmed that he was the reason they were where they were. And he is ready to let everything go, everything like women, marriage, money etc. A visit to Nigeria will lead to lots of appreciations on the beauty of his house. In this piece of writing, youll also get informed about Apostle Joshua Selman Age, Apostle Joshua Selman House, Apostle Joshua Selman Cars, Apostle Joshua Selman Spiritual Father and Apostle Joshua Selman Private Jets. Your teachings is working like magic By the messages that you give, my understanding in the word of God has never remained the same. Greetings to all of you in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.Im not understanding my life.Im a young man who was used to doing well in the things of God but there came a time, I just dropped from everything, from then to the present, I do not understand my life.Man of God my just miserable, please pray for me. Papa There are few people whose voice brings comfort and ministers grace. Your email address will not be published. To reveal the wealth of the kingdom and finance Gods end-time agenda, Biography Of Pa Josiah Akindayomi Founder of The Redeemed Christian Church Of God (RCCG). Your email address will not be published. Thanks for the kind words, Greetings to you. Required fields are marked *. Apostle Joshua Selman on Apple Podcasts 183 episodes KOINONIA is a weekly programme organised by the Eternity Network International where people come to experience WORSHIP, WORD, MIRACLES AND LOVE, experience true intimacy with the Holy spirit and learn to be with Him, be like Him and represent Him He then told them he was coming to rectify that right away after which he woke up. God Bless You Sir, For Being A Blessing To Our Generation. If someone contacts you in any way, demanding or wanting money or a Ministry gift on behalf of Apostle Joshua Selman, disregard them because they are a SCAMMER!!! If this is your first time in getting to know about him, well say that you are highly privileged. please can i email him or contact him. Required fields are marked *. I will forever trust follower Him Thank you all the team is amazing at KOINONIA. This is the full biography of Apostle Joshua Selman. Im sure it will be of immense help should I access his words of encouragement everyday. I really wish I could speak with him personally. 0 following. We need people saved before Jesus comes

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